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Consultancy Services

Each and every school is unique but with a common aim to provide the best education for each and every child in their care. No matter where you are in your journey our range of consultancy services will provide something for you.

School Development Plan

How well do you know your school?
Your school development plan provides the platform from which judgements are made about how well you know your school. The identified areas for development, the analysis made from school data and the succinct nature in which you present your SDP are the starting points for discussion with school staff, governors, systems leaders, LA officers and Estyn inspectors.
As a company we work with you ensuring that your SDP is succinct, quantifiable and a working document that links closely between your school evidence and your targets for improvement.
We share examples of good practice,help you to draft and redraft your SDP and develop a final version SDP that can be shared as a working document

"In preparing for inspection I wanted to ensure that my SDP was going to tick all the boxes with Estyn. Alison and Darren met with me on numerous occasions helping me draft and redraft until we had a copy that we were all happy with. I would thoroughly recommend them as they made things seem so easy and took the pressure off at this difficult time"
- Headteacher Wrexham

The cost to draft and redraft your SDP to completion is £300.

School Self Evaluation Report

How well is your school doing?
Your school self evaluation report provides the golden threads for development planning. A good SER takes the mass of data and evidence about your school and shows how well you are doing, clearly identifying areas for improvement that will link to your SDP. Using good practice,sharing SERs that have been acknowledged as Excellent by Estyn we take you through a process that will pull the jigsaw together.
We leave you with a clear, manageable, succinct and targeted Self Evaluation Report that celebrates your achievements and identifies your areas for development .

"Creative in Excellence made things seem so easy. Our first meeting provided examples of SER reports, talked me through the process and they supported me via email, phonecalls and meetings. My SER is now clear, easy to understand and links very closely to my SDP."
- Headteacher Newtown

The cost to draft and redraft your SER to completion is £300.
If you wish to combine your SER and SDP this reduces to £500

Preparing for Estyn

One of the most stressful times we face is the pending arrival of Estyn. Our support package in conjunction with our SER and SDP services guides you through the process.

Our package includes

  • Getting your SER and SDP right
  • What to prepare
  • What the school should look like
  • What the classrooms should look like
  • What to expect during inspection week
  • The role of the nominee
  • A talk to the staff about their role
  • A walk around the school
  • Support and guidance throughout the whole process -start to finish.

"Alison supported our school throughout the period leading up to inspection.She looked at our paperwork,talked to our staff, walked round our school and asked searching questions that certainly moved us forward. Her support was above and beyond what we expected and very much appreciated by all the staff."
Headteacher Wrexham - Estyn Inspection 2012

The cost for the full package including SER and SDP £1000

Data Analysis

Are you getting the most from your data?
Does everyone understand how well you are performing?
Our data analysis service provides a comprehensive and detailed breakdown of your data. We take the mountain of data that you have and present a succinct overview that can be understood by staff and governors.
This can be done via email or by working with you guiding you through the process. Staff meetings can also be held to explain the findings from your data

"Darren spent an hour with our staff presenting the main headlines from our data. It was to the point and well received. All staff now understand what we have to do to move forward."
- Headteacher Wrexham

The cost is £250 including a one hour meeting at your school

Network Meetings

Do we really need to re-invent the wheel?
Sharing good practice is the key to school improvement and one of the identified key drivers of the Welsh Government.
We offer a range of Network meetings that simplify learning and allow good practice to be shared between schools and individuals
Network groups include

  • Foundation Phase
  • Literacy and Numeracy Framework
  • Assessment for Learning
  • More Able and Talented

The list is not endless and new network groups can be developed and facilitated by ourselves

Groups meet once per term at a pre-arranged venue at a cost £10 per school

Leadership Development

“Feeding the Flame”
As school leaders how do we feed the flame of our own needs and aspirations?
Feeding the flame provides an unparalleled opportunity for learning, growing and sharing. An opportunity to stay inspired and on top of the game.
Three one day courses, (one per term) provide an opportunity to explore the finest strategies, tools and resources available to help nourish your own needs and aspirations.
Each day is designed to be a springboard to practical and immediate action making a difference to your own life and the lives of those you influence.
You will explore the very best from the world of Neuroscience, NLP and leadership, and understand why you are effective at what you do.

Leadership- values, beliefs, maps of the world, meta programmes , five behaviours of exemplary leaders, exploring excellent leadership

Neuroscience and what influences human behaviour

NLP - cutting edge communication tools to help you have an even greater influence

The course needs a minimum of 10 people to run- headteachers or deputy headteachers at cost of £360- £120 per person per session